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We look forward to meeting you. You are booked for a tour on your selected date and time.


We understand things come up but there are often people who would really like your spot and we can’t schedule them in last minute if you cancel the day of.

Denver Colorado Mountain Wedding

A few reminders:

  • If you are coming from Denver, Google maps and Waze will give you accurate directions, MANY CAR GPSs AND APPLE MAPS WILL NOT. For detailed directions and additional information scroll down to the bottom of the BOOK A TOUR page here.

  • It’s important to have a good understanding of your budget and guest count before visiting. It’s uncomfortable to talk about budget but it’s important to know ahead of time if we are a good fit. If your overall budget is at least 25k for around 150 guests you’ll most likely be in a good place. Any less than that and your other vendors will suffer-please remember that as a new venue we are requiring professionally licensed and insured vendors for catering, bartending, and day-of coordinating. We truly want your day to run smoothly, and until we have best practices established for our space it’s important to go with professionals. As well, knowing where your guest count will fall is imperative. We absolutely cannot accommodate more than 170 guests including you and your wedding party.

  • Please invite everyone on the tour who would need to see the space to sign a contract. We like to give individual tours so that we can get to know you and give you our full time and attention. We are a very small team, and at this time cannot accommodate several tours per couple. Once our building is up we will have monthly open houses, where we’d love to have any booked couples and their friends/family come for photos, planning, etc.

  • Pretty much everything we’ll discuss on the tour can be found on the website. Check out the FAQ page, pricing page, and available dates beforehand so you’ve got a good understanding of how we work!

  • As a reminder, we do not hold dates without a contract. We do our best to keep the AVAILABLE DATES page updated, so if you need to book your tour well in advance we suggest checking your preferred dates periodically.

  • Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your tour. You can do this by following the link to cancel in the confirmation email you receive. We understand things happen, and we really appreciate advance warning if something comes up. We don’t live on the property and are sometimes making a dedicated trip just for your tour.

  • Finally-we believe we only win if everybody wins. That means we want you to have your best wedding day whether you book with us or not. Tours are no pressure-we’re just here to see if we’re a good fit for you. We do not take deposits or contracts at tours, it’s simply a time to get to know us and see that dazzling view in person.

    In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions you can’t find answered on the website at and we so look forward to meeting you.

-Evin and Barry Urban, owners