Visiting North Star Gatherings

Tours by appointment only please. Prior to requesting a tour please review our pricing to confirm that our rental fee is a good match for your total wedding budget

Directions Coming from Denver Metro Area

3354 Little Bear Creek Rd Idaho Springs, CO 80223

Google maps will take you to the right place, Apple maps and many car GPSs will not take you to the right location on Little Bear Creek Rd. The shorter way from Idaho Springs is much more windy, the easier way through Evergreen takes about 10 min longer. Google maps has the correct location for the address, but there's two ways to get there. The quicker way is by going through Idaho Springs, which is the way google will usually take you. For that you'll turn onto Soda Creek Rd from Miner Street and about a mile past Indian Hot Springs you'll turn left onto the gravel road Little Bear Creek Rd. For about 3 miles you'll climb up 12 switchbacks and about 1/4 mile after the 12th you'll see our driveway on the left. We have a white mailbox with a green star tacked to it, and several signs showing 3354. If we’re there and it’s not pouring rain we’ll put out a sandwich board that says “North Star Gatherings Turn Here.” We’re waiting for permission from the Forest Service to put up our permanent signs.

The longer, less windy way is through Evergreen. For that you'll get off i70 at Evergreen Parkway Rt 74 South, and go right on Squaw Pass Rd. It is a tiny bit windy but doesn't have switchbacks like the other way. It will fork at Squaw Pass and you'll want to bear right onto 151, NOT left on 103 towards Echo Mountain. Little Bear Creek forks about midway through and you need to bear LEFT to stay on Little Bear creek, do NOT go straight onto OLD Little Bear Creek. You'll go through a mountain neighborhood and pass a few parks and after about 3 miles you'll come to the property on the right. If you hit a switchback you've gone too far. 

Whatever you do, don't let the GPS fool you into taking Old Little Bear Creek Rd (155). It's just a jeep trail and the forest service road that somewhat connects it to the property is not really drive-able. If you’re coming from Evergreen and Squaw Pass it’s easy to end up on this by accident if you don’t bear LEFT at the fork in Little Bear Creek to stay on Little Bear Creek and not continue on where it turns into OLD Little Bear Creek. Coming from Idaho Springs it’s easy to avoid it, and there’s a sign saying not to trust your GPS where you’d want to avoid OLD Little Bear Creek. We're working with Google to try to get that off the map, it's not really a road. Periodically it shows up as an option, so avoid at all costs! If you're unsure feel free to call, there's good cell service up there. 

Please wear boots or secure shoes as the terrain is still rough up there, we look forward to meeting you!