Wedding Day Beauty Secrets From A Denver Holistic Nutritionist

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How to get that inside-out glow

Without deprivation or boot camps

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, and many of us want to do so without dousing our body in chemicals or doing damage with excessive stress and punishment. Here’s five tricks that your body will thank you for to get you feeling and looking your best on your wedding day:

  1. Fuel up! Many women want to slim down for their wedding day, but a common misconception is that you should eat as little as possible to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is to make your body happy by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and reduce inflammation. Avoid junk factory oils like canola, soy, cottonseed, and “vegetable oil.” Pump up good fats like olive oil, coconut, avocado, grass fed butter, and ghee. Go organic wherever possible (especially meats and dairy), and sit down and enjoy your meals! Avoid snacking if possible, but always eat if you’re hungry. Drink plenty of filtered water between meals and set yourself up for success by planning ahead so you always know where your next meal is coming from. That’s the tiniest nutshell I could possibly fit “healthy eating” into! For more on that check out my blog at and facebook/instagram.

  2. Cut out toxic products. This may seem frivolous to some, but guess what? IT MATTERS. Why? All those toxins in your products affect your hormone health (hello, hormonal acne), overwork your liver (toxic liver=stubborn weight), and damage your gut bacteria (again-weight gain, dull/irritated skin). Think they can’t be that bad? Check out this article for a little taste of how unregulated the safety of our self care products is. No sure how to get started? Check out my resources for some product recommendations here and start reading labels on all your products. Prioritize things that stay on your skin and touch sensitive/thin skin: laundry detergent/dryer sheets, deodorant, lotions, and toothpaste. Heads up anything with “fragrance” is messing with your hormone health, and anything with any of these ingredients can be carcinogenic and damaging to your overall health. Remember that healthy glow has to come from the inside!

  3. Drink cleaner water. Some experts are now saying the quality of the water you drink is more important than the quantity! I definitely think it’s very important to drink ENOUGH water, but I don’t believe more is always better when it comes to water. Our water supply contains chlorine (kills germs in swimming pools, so what’s it doing to the good bugs in our guts?), fluoride (maybe good for your teeth, but NOT for your gut!), and prescription drugs (yah-weight gain from birth control anyone?). Typical water filters like Britta or other pitchers filters are better than nothing but they don’t put the water in contact with the filter long enough to really get all the junk out. I’m a big fan of the Berkey water filter. It may seem prohibitively expensive at first glance, but I’ve done the math and since the filters last so long, it’s actually much less expensive over time than a Britta filter. Invest in your water and invest in your health for that naturally healthy glow! Extra bonus if you drink most of your water between meals, and keep it room temp.

  4. Move in ways that are kind to your body. Be kind to your body! Punishment only leads to a sad, overstressed body. Honestly that boot camp class might be adding extra unneeded stress to your body-and waistline. Many people notice some weight loss right after starting a boot camp/HIIT/circuit-style exercise regimen, but that progress can quickly plateau if it’s more stress than your body can handle. The old “calories in calories out” adage is missing a key component: the hormonal middle man. Your hormones are incredibly sensitive to stress, and if your body is constantly under stress (work, wedding planning, over-exercising) it will store fat. It’s smart that way-if your body senses you’re in danger it stores fat to make sure you’ll be able to survive in times of scarcity. Thank you body! Particularly if you’re someone who stores fat around the midsection (often called a “cortisol belly”), you want to make sure you’re being kind to your body in your movement practices. Moving little bits throughout the day can be as effective, or often more so than if you sit at a desk all day then shock your body into a sweat craze at a post-work Orange Theory class. A good way to balance daily movement is to start your day with ten minutes of movement before breakfast like a quick walk or a short online class like one of these amazing yoga classes . Set reminders on your phone, or use this app for PC or this app for mac to remind you to get up for a few minutes at least every hour if you work in front of a computer. Go for a long walk in nature after work to wind down, and reap the benefits of de-stressing and moving your body at the same time! Because guess what, a body that is not stressed is a healthy body, and we’re going for that truly healthy glow, right?

  5. Go for the long game. Sorry to disappoint, but getting healthy is a lifelong process, and there are no quick schemes that really get the job done. Research shows that habits are formed after anywhere from three weeks to a year, so start slow-commit to one new habit a month, and give yourself grace when you slip up. There are no switches to turn on healthy. It’s a learning process and you WILL have setbacks. Having one meal, day, even week of doing something that’s not within your plan will not “ruin everything.” I try to picture overall health like drops of paint in a bucket. Say all the things you do that are really beneficial for your body are represented by white paint and things you do that aren’t helpful to your body are red red paint. Every day you’re dropping paint in your bucket, and if your bucket’s mostly pink or light pink you’re in good shape. It will never be all white-we live in a world with too many pleasures and conveniences that would constitute “red paint,” and honestly nobody really wants to live that way anyways. If you slip up and have a “red paint” meal or day don’t worry about it too much, but think really hard about how your body feels afterwards and use that to inform your decisions in the future. No food is inherently good or bad, and sometimes the worrying and negative self-talk we have about a food is way worse than actually eating it. You may also find if you allow yourself to remove weight/meaning from foods they won’t seem so irresistible after all. I think it’s clear the big picture here is to just be kind to your body.

There’s so much messaging out there to punish our bodies and try to make them something they aren’t. You truly can’t be anyone but the fabulous you that you are, so let that shine through on your wedding day!